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Online Buffet Order

Use this form to order your buffet. Simply enter the quantity you require against each item in the appropriate box.

Please complete the rest of the form as fully as possible, giving precise address and delivery instructions before sending the form.

Half-platters are available for most items (at half platter price plus £0.90 surcharge). Simply enter 0.5 in the quantity box beside the platter you require.

All prices are subject to VAT at standard rate

Order by fax

You can download a Buffet Order form as a PDF file and fax it back to us on 01954 260829. Just click here.

Credit Card PaymentsCredit Cards

Please have your card to hand and call us on 01954 260809 if you wish to pay for your buffet by credit card.

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Buffet Set Menus (price per head):

Set Menu 1: Basic Buffet £4.45 Qty 
Set Menu 2: Premium Buffet £6.35 Qty 
Set Menu 3: Party Buffet £7.95 Qty 
Set Menu 4: Reception Buffet £7.95 Qty 

Savoury Platters:

Standard Sandwich £14.95 Qty 
Standard Sandwich Vegetarian £14.95 Qty 
De-Luxe Sandwich £18.75 Qty 
De-Luxe Sandwich Vegetarian £18.75 Qty 
Smoked Salmon Sandwich £15.65 Qty 
Bagels Platter £17.55 Qty 
Baguette Platter £13.95 Qty 
Baguette Vegetarian £13.95 Qty 
Wraps Platter £17.95 Qty 
Mini Sub Roll Platter £16.95 Qty 
Bridge Rolls Platter £17.55 Qty 
Smoked Salmon Blinis £16.65 Qty 
Traditional Platter £16.95 Qty 
Far Eastern Platter £16.95 Qty 
Spanakopitas Platter £17.95 Qty 
Quiche Platter £16.75 Qty 
Mini Quiche Platter £16.95 Qty 
Bruschetta Platter £16.75 Qty 
Oriental Platter £17.55 Qty 
Chicken Skewers Platter £16.95 Qty 
Vol-au-Vents Platter £16.95 Qty 
Mixed Meats Savoury Platter £17.55 Qty 
Mixed Vegetarian Savoury Platter £17.55 Qty 
Dips Platter £17.80 Qty 
Cheeseboard £16.95 Qty 
Gluten-Free Platter with Cake £6.95 Qty 

Dessert Platters:

Fresh Fruit Platter £9.95 Qty 
Fresh Fruit Skewers £15.45 Qty 
Exotic Fruit Platter £15.45 Qty 
Cream Scones Platter £16.65 Qty 
Teatime Cakes Platter £14.60 Qty 
Mini Cakes Platter £14.95 Qty 
Assorted Petits Fours £17.95 Qty 
Wicked Cakes Platter £10.95 Qty 
Danish Platter £16.95 Qty 
Mini French Macaroons £16.95 Qty 
£ Qty 


Orange Juice 1 Litre £2.05 Qty 
Apple Juice 1 Litre £2.05 Qty 
Still Mineral Water 1.5 Litre £2.05 Qty 
Sparkling Mineral Water 1.5 Litre £2.05 Qty 

Salads (750ml):

Vegetarian Caesar £14.35 Qty 
Italian Salad £14.35 Qty 
Greek Salad £14.35 Qty 
£ Qty 


Walkers Crisps (34.5g) £0.80 Qty 
Doritos (40g) £0.80 Qty 
Kettle Chips (40g) £0.80 Qty 
Crisps Bowl (6 packs in bowl) £5.95 Qty 

Pristine Catering provides buffets for every occasion in the Cambridge area. Party food, events catering, birthday parties, Christenings, weddings, funerals, business lunches, meetings, anniversary celebrations and so much more. We're happy to help you plan your buffet choices too - and we regularly cater for vegetarians and anyone with food allergies such as wheat, gluten, dairy or nuts. *We make and deliver on the same day, in and around the Cambridge area including Ely, St Ives and Huntingdon.

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