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Wicked Cake Company Retail Suppliers

We are a wholesaler of The Wicked Cake Company's cakes, offering daily weekday deliveries in and around Cambridge.

We can also deliver the Schools Compliant and Portion Control ranges anywhere in mainland Britain

Please contact Richard Bliss to discuss your requirements or to place an order.

Telephone: 01954 260809

Cakes we deliver in and around Cambridge
Tray BakesPiecesPrice
Caramel Slice15£6.75
White Chocolate Fudge Slice15£6.75
Wicked Rocky Road15£8.10
Wicked Chocolate Biscuit Cake15£6.60
Cappuccino Biscuit Cake15£7.15
Maple Pecan Biscuit Cake15£7.15
Chocolate Brownie15£7.15
Chocolate Orange Biscuit Cake15£7.15
Rum & Raisin Biscuit Cake32£7.15
Mint Chocolate Biscuit Cake32£7.15
Individually Wrapped (IW) x 32  
Rocky Road32£17.20
Wicked Flapjack32£10.85
Belgium Fudge Brownie32£14.75
Caramel Shortbread32£17.20
Mixed Boxes (IW) x 32  
Mixed Box A: Rocky Road ,Traditional Flapjack, Paradise Slice, Lemon Drizzle32£15.15
Mixed Box B: Belgium Brownie, Caramel Shortcake, Bakewell Slice, Carrot Cake32£15.15
NEW Mixed Flapjack Selection x 30  
Five each of Cherry, Raisin & Sultana; Strawberry & White Chocolate Chip; Salted Caramel & Chocolate; Oaty; Chocolate Chip; Cherry Bakewell.30£13.30
Giant Muffins  
Double Chocolate Chip24£10.75
Banana & Walnut24£10.75
Mixed Box24£10.75
Cookies x 24  
Double Chocolate Chip24£9.60
White Chocolate Chip24£9.60
Mixed Box24£10.65
Eccles Cakes x 24  
Traditional Eccles Cakes filled with Currants24£12.50
Schools Compliant Cake Bars x 90  
Apple & Blackcurrant90£23.10
Portion Controlled Cake Bars x 90  
Traditional Flapjack90£23.10
Lemon Drizzle90£23.10
Chocolate Brownie90£23.10
Carrot Cake90£23.10
Cakes we deliver anywhere in Mainland Britain
We can deliver the cakes shown below anywhere in mainland Britain, via courier, with a minimum order of 4 cases. Prices shown include delivery.
Schools Compliant Cake Bars
A new range offering individual cake bars of less than 100 calories each with 30% less sugar than standard cakes. They are low in saturated fat, low in salt and high in fibre.
Schools Compliant Cake Bars x 90
Apple & Blackcurrant 90 £24.10
Chocolate 90 £24.10
Banana 90 £24.10
Vanilla 90 £24.10
Portion Control Cakes
Portion Controlled Cake Bars
Perfect when calorie control and protein are important. Portion Controlled Cake Bars were developed specifically for NHS patients while still being suitable for everyone to enjoy. They meet the weight and nutritional values that are Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) compliant.
Portion Controlled Cake Bars x 90
Traditional Flapjack 90 £24.10
Lemon Drizzle 90 £24.10
Chocolate Brownie 90 £24.10
Carrot Cake 90 £24.10
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