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Desserts and Fresh Fruit Platters

Take the healthy fresh fruit option or treat yourself to something a little more indulgent. Our dessert platters offer something for everyone.

Fresh Fruit Platter £9.95

A popular choice and a colourful centrepiece for the table. A selection of washed fruit according to season and availability. Typically includes sliced melon and pineapple. Soft fruit, whole fruit and grape bunches. Serves 6 to 8 people

Fresh Fruit Skewers £15.45

Easy-to-handle wooden skewers, generously loaded with a selection of fresh fruit pieces according to season and availability. Typically includes melon balls, grapes, strawberry and kiwi fruit. 12 pieces

Exotic Fruit Platter £15.45

A selection of fresh tropical fruits such as mango, melon, pineapple and kiwi according to season and availability. Sliced into convenient pieces and supplied with cocktail sticks for easy handling. Serves 6 to 8 people

Cream Scones £16.65

The perfect tea time treat! Traditional fresh scones topped with whipped cream and seasonal soft fruits including mango, strawberry, kiwi and blueberry. 13 pieces

Teatime Cakes Platter £14.60

A mouthwatering selection of traditional favourites: Madeira Cake, Fruit Cake, Battenberg, Ginger Cake and garnished with soft fruit. 24 pieces

Mini Cake Selection £14.95

Beautiful bite-size cakes including a selection of mini Doughnuts, sponges, biscuits and fancies. Garnished with soft fruit. 24 - 30 pieces (depending on size)

Assorted Petits Fours £17.95

A selection of delicately delicious bite- size Petit Fours including Orange Mikado Squares, Blood Orange Hexagons, Apple Blackcurrant Squares, Raspberry Tartlets, Apricot Tartlets, Coffee Squares, Coffee Chocolate Rectangles, Raspberry Coco Tartlets and Coffee Squares. 18 pieces

Wicked Cakes Platter £10.95

A selection of devilishly delicious Wicked Cake portions for serious cake lovers. Bite-size wedges of Biscuit Cake, Caramel Slice, Chocolate Tiffin and Cappucino Cake. 24 pieces

Danish Platter £16.95

A popular choice at any time - breakfast, coffee break, lunch or tea. Assorted mini Danish pastries including cinnamon swirl, custard puffs and apple lattices, lightly dusted with icing sugar and garnished with seasonal soft fruit. 24 pieces

Mini French Macaroons £16.95

Delicious bite-size macaroons in six tempting flavours: Chocolate, Raspberry, Pistachio, Lemon, Vanilla and Coffee. Garnished with seasonal soft fruit. 18 pieces

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