Sandwiches, Rolls, Wraps and Baguettes

Freshness is the key to our delicious sandwich platters. Fresh bread, fresh fillings and fresh garnish. Made on the day and delivered straight to your door.

Standard Sandwich Platter £14.95

Quarter rounds of white and granary bread with a variety of quality fillings. 24 pieces

De-Luxe Sandwich Platter £18.75

Quarter rounds of granary bread, generously filled with a selection of premium fillings. 28 pieces

Smoked Salmon Platter £15.65

Quarter rounds of fresh brown bread spread with lemon butter and generously filled with Scottish smoked salmon and a touch of ground black pepper. Garnished with lemon wedges and cucumber. 20 pieces

Mini Bagels Platter £17.55

Traditional white New York style mini bagels with a selection of premium fillings. 24 pieces

Baguette Platter £13.95

White and wholemeal baguettes filled and then sliced into handy portions. Typical fillings may include: ham and Swiss cheese; tuna and cucumber; coronation chicken; BLT; houmous etc. 16 pieces

Wraps Platter £17.95

A selection of premium fillings wrapped in original, tomato and other flavoured corn tortillas and sliced into convenient portions. Fillings may include: chicken salsa; guacamole salad; lemon prawn; spicy tuna etc. 18 pieces

Mini Sub Rolls Platter £16.95

White, wholemeal and seeded mini rolls with a selection of premium fillings. 12 pieces

Gluten-Free Platter £6.95

An individual platter comprising two open sandwiches on GF white or brown seeded bread with a choice of toppings. Please contact us with your client's choice of bread and toppings to ensure total satisfaction. Platter can also include a GF cake if required.

Bridge Rolls Platter £17.55

Beautifully presented white and wholemeal bridge rolls with a selection of premium fillings. 14 pieces

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