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Tea & Coffee

From a simple serve-yourself filter jug to a fully staffed servery we can meet your hot drinks requirements precisely. We can also supply a range of soft drinks and mineral waters as required.

Tea and Coffee

We are able to provide a full tea and coffee service, using biodegradable cups and stirrers. Biscuits and Danish pastries are also available to run alongside.
Prices start from £2.35 –but will vary on quantity, time and location Just let us know how many people you wish to cater for and we'll provide the appropriate quantities.
Just call us on the number below and we'll be happy to send you a quote.

Soft Drinks:

We offer a range of fruit juices: apple, orange and cranberry, in 1 litre cartons. Price £2.05 per carton.
We also supply still or sparkling mineral water in 1.5 litre bottles at £2.05 each.

Let us help you plan your buffet

Call us on 01954 260809 or email any questions to: We'll be delighted to help.